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I’m John Thomson, Master Sales Person, Auctioneer,  Corporate and Seminar Speaker, Development Consultant and a Past Licensed Advisor on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Currency of information gives our clients  certainty in a rapidly evolving world market. 

Whether you are an  agent, vendor or buyer of property, relevancy of information is imperative. 


I know what is happening and consulting for high value corporate and private clients and with over 2,500 properties sold, I’m still selling. 

Join me in a strategic partnership of learning and understanding,.

Welcome Home, Real Estate Advisors.

Post COVID, there has never been a greater need for corporate and vocational clarity.

An inspirational motivation, conference, business and seminar speaker, we tailor subjects to meet audience vocational requirements and expectations.

Articulate, passionate and informed John brings his own diverse life experiences to the conversation engaging the audience with reality.

A prolific publisher of instructional videos and the author of numerous vocational and lifestyle publications John not only speaks in his own right but engages others qualified professionals to complement your requirements.


It's a universal law, what you sow you reap. Investment in training and development advances staff skills and that equates to a homogeneous work place and improved profitability.. 

Pursue learning. It is the key to vibrancy and sustainable longevity of employment.

We know what we contribute and the benefits we bring to our clients, the audience, your staff.

Our fees

Booking  Australia               $1,200

Booking  International        $1,800

plus each day                                  $1,200


For Audiences under 50

First hour                              $800

each hour thereafter          $350

(this includes refreshment and meal breaks.)

For Audiences 50 - 100

First Hour                             $1,200

plus each hour thereafter $450

For Audiences  over 100   $2,200

plus each hour thereafter $550

Travel and accommodation at cost

For availability and a complete fee scheduled contact us.

welcome home.

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