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we will back you in times of trouble

licensing and resolution services

new agency licensee services
start up with consultancy and advisory services

Starting your own agency and lack confidence, need guidance and licensing?

We provide short term direct input including recommended operational and management systems that assist compliance and performance.

Ideally suited to a recent qualifier or near completed advanced study agent looking to obtain their own principal/licensee license.

Our fees are
$1,750.00 for the business owner p.m.
$1,000.00 per licensed employee p.m.

For start ups we can also provide  initial regulatory compliance requirements

(assessed at four days per month for first three months) (Approx $15,000 plus G.S.T for this service)

If you are interested in establishing your own business, brand and marketing strategy and committed to obtaining a principal  (stock and station) agent license this will work for you.
existing agency licensee services
existing agency requiring short or medium term licensee / principal

This service is for experienced operators without undue prior compliance failures.

While we will provide added services our basic service does not include day to day operation of your business.  We cover compliance requirements under the varies Acts and Regulations and report on matters arising ensuring continuance of trade for your business.

Our fees are

$2,500.00 for the business p.m.
$500.00 per licensed employee p.m
for services in Queensland, N.S.W. and New Zealand. Other jurisdictions  an additional fee covering transport will apply.

We can also provide flexible services including sales agent training, management and conflict arbitration.

Basic services
1 day a month in office for compliance checks

supervision conflict resolution
when it hits the fan
sometimes a fresh look and restart is necessary

This service is for operators with compliance, protocol or systemic business failure.

We are not lawyers, accountants or licensed compliance auditors and that's a benefit to you,  We are not prosecutorial. When you need to stop, take a breath and get things sorted we are here to help.

As an intensive short term service, we commit to rationalization, refocus and restoration of clients, staff and contractors with the brand.

Comprehensive reporting to directors and share holders is usual practice.

Our fee is based on the scope and obligations we have to your business.

Please note:  We can not provide a free services to insolvent businesses.

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